Terrapin FTP

Terrapin FTP 2.3

Terrapin FTP is an FTP application to transfer files between PC and FTP server
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Terrapin FTP is an FTP application for easy uploading and downloading of files and folders between the user local PC and an FTP site over the web.
The user interface of the application displays two separated windows showing local and server directories, folders and files. With the drag and drop feature, user can 'move' folders and files to determine the transfers to be performed (upload or download). For uploading tasks, the application includes an upload 'wizard' to guide the user step by step throughout the complete process.

At both ends of the connection, user can create directories, rename, delete, etc. either folders or files. In addition, the application enables users to transfer files from one server to another.

The application is ready for operating through FTP Proxy, HTTP proxy and firewall. Full FTP command set is available for the user to work with. Server Site Map can be protected by means of password.

Whole folders can be synchronized to keep all their contents up to date. The application also includes visual indicators to show all the changes occurred on the Server files.

External links can be checked very easily, correcting the detected errors at the user's will.

For FTP direct operations, the applications comes with direct commands (macros, etc.) and also enables the user to create custom commands.

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